We are excited to announce the inaugural Brandjectory Pitch Slam on September 14, 2022 from 2-4pm ET.

The Pitch Slam will be a live, virtual event with attendance open to the public. The event will showcase five finalists with a Brandjectory twist: we don’t just want to crown a winner, we want all applicants to get feedback on what resonates and what needs work, to help founders learn, adjust, and improve their chances to secure funding in any venue.

Applicants will be emerging brands in food & beverage, alcoholic beverages, nutrition, personal care, and pet care.

Eligible applicants are Brandjectory premium subscribers!

Supporting the event will be a community of CPG investors and industry experts serving as selection committee members, pitch mentors, and event judges.

Apply today for the chance to win cash and other prizes!

September 14, 2022 | 2-4pm ET

Event Schedule

• 7/11-8/15 - Applications open

• 8/16-8/31 - Selection committee applicant review & finalist selection

• 9/8 - Finalists’ samples due to judges

• 9/1-9/9 - Mentors working with finalists to prepare to pitch

• 9/12 - Practice session with finalists

• 9/14 - 2-4pm ET Pitch Slam Live! (2 hour event) plus a post event networking session!

The Pitch Slam Application Process.

Eligible applicants are Brandjectory premium subscribers!

Upon applying, a selection committee will narrow the pool down to 5 finalists. After finalists are chosen, the finalists will be mentored by industry experts to prepare for the Pitch Slam. 

There will also be one practice session on 9/12 to get a feel for the spotlight! Then the live, virtual event, will be held on September 14, 2022 from 2-4pm ET. 

 It is a privilege to be partnering with the following sponsors:

Click HERE to read the 2022 Pitch Slam Press Release